WhoopUncovered with Adwoa Pinamang: A Ghanaian Fitness Influencer.

December, 6, 2021

WhoopUncovered with Adwoa Pinamang: A Ghanaian Fitness Influencer.

Ghanaian fitness guru and influencer, Adwoa Pinamang has gone into details about her fitness journey and how she became a fitness influencer. In an Instagram live session with Whoopro’s host, LJ, Adwoa disclosed how it all started for her.

Growing up, she had always been an active child who fancied vigorous activities like climbing trees and riding bicycles. Hence, her love for physical activities started when she was very young. However, in her adult life, her 8-5 job stood in the way of her fitness so she sought to deliberately go on a fitness journey. Officially, the fitness influencer has been on this road for 3 years.

She stated that most Ghanaians associate weight gain to living a good life, which is totally wrong and she’s on a journey to change that perception. When asked how she’s able to have fun with fitness, she mentioned that it is very important to know your body and what works best for your body. Therefore, if you love dancing, you could start your workout sessions with dancing. Doing that enables a better fitness relationship with your body and mental state. Adding to the conversation, the influencer mentioned that fitness taught her certain values like patience and long-suffering which has helped her navigate through her personal life.

Her major challenge is portion control in food because our local dishes are very loaded and healthy yet it is very important to control the amount of food that we eat.

In conclusion, Adwoa advised that fitness is a journey, hence needs consistency and endurance to be able to sail through.


The #whoopuncovered session was hosted by Linzy Joy Nkrumah-Gentle.

Written by: Ijeoma Naa Adoley Nnadi, social media manager for YFM Accra.

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