Top 20 Instagram Apps for Captivating Content

October, 25, 2021

Top 20 Instagram Apps for Captivating Content

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that Instagram is an awesome marketing tool for your business. With 1.074 billion users worldwide, Instagram has an incredibly broad reach. But sometimes you need a little help to create the scroll-stopping content you need to reach the people you want to reach. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 20 best Instagram apps to help you produce the must-see content your audience is looking for.

20 Top Instagram Apps for Captivating Content:

  2. Canva
  3. CutStory
  4. InShot
  5. VSCO
  6. Over
  7. A Color Story
  8. Priime
  9. Storyluxe
  10. Snapseed
  11. Unfold
  12. Instagram Layout
  13. Pixlr
  14. Seen
  15. Litely
  16. Adobe Spark Post
  17. Mojo
  18. Filmm
  19. Patternator
  20. Tezza

Instagram has more than 500 million daily active users with 200+ million businesses on the platform. That means you’ll be competing with tons of other brands for attention, so there’s no time to mess around with lackluster content. Fortunately, there is a seemingly never-ending supply of Instagram apps that you can use to ensure the content you’re producing stands out from the crowd. The downside of that, however, is that there are lots of apps to choose from. How do you pick the best?

We’ve put together this list of the top Instagram apps you can use to create amazing content that your target audience will love.


  1. includes all the features you need to create high-quality, professional-level Instagram content. In addition to video editing tools, you’ll get access to video clips, royalty-free music, customizable video templates, and more. You’ll be able to create, edit, post, publish, upload, and share your videos to all social media platforms. The platform not only helps you create great Instagram content, but you can also create promo videos, ads, and even more. All of the plans include fully licensed music and images, as well as video footage from the free visual library.


Basic: $49/month or $291/year

Standard: $99/month or $514/year

Pro: $359/month or $1853/year


  1. Canva

Canva is an excellent tool for creating custom, attention-grabbing graphics for your social media platforms. Canva has a mobile app that makes it especially easy to create great Instagram Stories and regular posts. There are tons of ready-made templates to choose from that you can customize to your exact specifications. Canva also includes millions of background options, graphics, and 130+ fonts. Once you’ve created your perfect Instagram post or Story, you can post it directly from Canva.


Free plan available

Pro: $12.99/month or $119.99

Enterprise: $30/month/person


  1. CutStory

CutStory is a smartphone Instagram app that lets you quickly and easily cut down video files to fit into Instagram’s 15-second time frames. It has an easy-to-navigate interface and you can start from a template or stencil for your video or photo collage. From there, you can further embellish your content by adding text and stickers. Plus, you can add multiple soundtracks to your video for some inspirational background music.


Free app

Remove CutStory watermark: $3.99

Music editor feature: $2.99

Pro subscription – Monthly: $3.49

Pro subscription – Yearly: $30.99


  1. InShot

InShot is another smartphone Instagram app. It is perfect for editing your photos and videos into just the right size for Instagram Stories. You can also change images and videos to other aspect ratios, resize, and crop your content, add backgrounds, and more.


Free app

InShot Pro Monthly: $3.99

InShot Pro Yearly: $14.99

InShot Pro Lifetime: $34.99

Remove ads: $2.99

Transition packs: $3.99/each

Video Effect – FORM Pack: $1.99

Filter packs: $1.99–$3.99/each


  1. VSCO

VSCO is probably one of the more popular Instagram apps around. With VSCO, you get access to free filters that look a bit sharper and more professional than Instagram’s built-in options. The app includes editing tools like skin tone correction, brightness/contrast, customized sharpen, and more. VSCO is also its own social media platform where you can follow others and share your own content.


Free app

Yearly VSCO Membership: $19.99


  1. Over

Over is an Instagram app specifically for Instagram Stories. With Over, you can use your own videos and images and add graphics and text to convey your message. Over has tons of fonts, graphics, photos, tools, and templates that will help you create great content for your Instagram Stories that looks great and matches your brand. Over also has animations you can use to add some interest to your Instagram Stories as well as templates to get you started fast.


Free plan

Pro: $9.99/month or $69.99/year

Teams: Contact them for a quote


  1. A Color Story

A Color Story is one of the more innovative Instagram apps on our list. With A Color Story, you can use your brand colors in your Instagram posts easily with different color filter packs. Just download the filter packs that match your brand colors and apply the filters to your content before sharing it on Instagram. This ensures that your content has consistent branding. And consistent branding makes brand recall a lot easier.


Free app

ACS+ Yearly Membership: $29.99

ACS+ Monthly: $7.99


  1. Priime

Priime offers up more than 100 filters created in collaboration with professional photographers. This Instagram app includes RAW photo editing, editing for Live Photos, smart style recommendations powered by AI, editing tools, full resolution, and more.


App: $2.99


  1. Storyluxe

Storyluxe is one of the most recent Instagram apps. It includes a variety of Instagram Story templates, filters, background textures, and colors. You’ll be able to choose from more than 700 photo and video Instagram Story templates and add custom text to make your story more engaging and informational.


Free app

Monthly Unlimited Access: $5.99

Yearly Unlimited Access: $24.99


  1. Snapseed

Snapseed is another of our favorite Instagram apps that will help you create awesome content that will stand out. It’s a free video editing tool that lets you alter brightness, remove elements, change shapes of elements, adjust exposure and saturation, and more.


Free app


  1. Unfold

Unfold offers up stylish templates for your Instagram Stories that will give your Instagram grid a professional appearance that looks on purpose even if it isn’t. You can upload your own images or choose from a collection of stock images. From there, you’ll be able to add text and video to your Stories to create something unique and memorable. It even has a feed planner so you can plan your Instagram feed and make sure each post matches your brand aesthetic before you post. Unfold+ includes 400+ templates, exclusive fonts, filters, and effects. Unfold Pro gives you access to even more features.


Free app

Unfold+: $2.99/month or $19.99/year

Unfold Pro: $12.99/month or $99.99/year


  1. Instagram Layout

Layout from Instagram is an Instagram app that was created by and for Instagram. It’s one of the most effective Instagram apps for creating collages for the platform. Just choose the images you want to include from your camera roll (or take them as you’re building the layout). Then, apply your desired Instagram filter and you’re done!




  1. Pixlr

Pixlr lets you create your own filters with textures, effects, and overlays. Plus, you can then save the filters you’ve created to use them again. As we mentioned earlier, using consistent branding helps to make your brand more recognizable and increases brand awareness. The tool also includes a range of photo-editing tools like a red-eye fixer and adjustments for brightness/sharpness.


Free app

Premium Subscription Monthly: $1.99

Premium Subscription Yearly: $11.99


  1. Seen

Seen is one of the best Instagram apps for Instagram Stories. It offers up seamless transitions so you can create a smooth and engaging experience for your followers. Seen has more than 1000 Story templates in its constantly-growing library, transitions that are exclusive to the app, stickers, GIFs, and filters, and animated text that immediately grabs the viewer’s attention.


Free app

Unlimited Monthly Access: $7.99

Unlimited Yearly Access: $35.99

StoryBoost Unlimited Access: $99.99


  1. Litely

Litely is an Instagram app that will help you embellish your Instagram content without the heavy-handed filters some other apps might offer. It has editing tools that will let you fine-tune your images and edit your images in full resolution. It doesn’t include a lot of free presets, but you can choose from several gorgeous presets for sale.


Free app

Presets: $5–$24 or $136 for the complete preset pack


  1. Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark is one of the more commonly used Instagram apps for creating text-based content that still looks great. You’ll get access to a free library of Adobe stock photos and illustrations, professionally designed templates, fonts, filters, shapes, and icons. Just upload your photos or videos, add text, and make the content truly your own with animations and effects. Adobe Spark lets you resize your content using AI and machine learning so you always have perfectly optimized content for whatever social media platform you’re using. Plus, you can share your content directly to social media. And, of course, you can use your own branding, adding your logo, colors, and fonts to keep your branding consistent.


Spark Subscription – Monthly: $9.99

Spark Subscription – Yearly: $99.99

Adobe Design Mobile: Monthly: $14.99

Adobe Design Mobile: Yearly: $149.99


  1. Mojo

Mojo is an awesome Instagram app that makes it delightfully easy to create eye-catching Stories. Just choose from one of their hundreds of animated templates, add your images, videos, and text from more than 100 text styles, and customize. Then you can share to whichever platform you’d like. You can customize everything else too — colors, sizes, positions, alignments, etc.


Free app

Mojo Pro Monthly: $9.99

Mojo Pro Yearly: $39.99


  1. Filmm

Filmm has more than 100 filters and effects to choose from, using film-inspired frames and templates. It offers multi-clip editing and royalty-free sounds. This Instagram app is the result of a collaboration between Zoella and A Color Story and includes color grading filters, film textures, light effects, and subtle distortions as well as advanced adjustment tools (including curves). Filmm gives you the flexibility to split Stories, clip, trim, cut, reverse, and duplicate video, and is ready to go for social media dimensions.


Free app

Filmm+ Yearly: $29.99

Filmm+ Monthly: $5.99


  1. Patternator

Patternator is billed as a wallpaper maker, but it does a lot more than that. With this Instagram app perfect for content creation, you can save animated patterns for backgrounds, wallpapers, and lock screens as well as choose from tons of stickers or create your own stickers from your own images. Simply pick a background, adjust the pattern’s scale, spacing, rotation, and more using the app’s smart layouts and settings, then share it!


Free app

Patternator Premium: $2.99


  1. Tezza

Tezza is an app from Instagram influencer Tezza. When it comes to presets, this is one of the best Instagram apps out there. Plus, it includes a set of basic editing tools so you can make your Instagram Stories pop. The app has fun photo filters and effects like glitter, vintage film, stop motion, and frames, as well as more than 140 templates.


Free app

Tezza Video Monthly: $3.99

Tezza Monthly: $1.99

Tezza Video Yearly: $39.99

Tezza Yearly: $19.99

Make the Most of Your Instagram Presence with These Top Instagram Apps

The Instagram apps here are just a small fraction of the awesome apps out there to help you create the scroll-stopping Instagram posts and Stories you need. But content creation is just one part of developing a robust Instagram presence. To get the most from your Instagram marketing efforts, check out our list of the best Instagram marketing tools, too!


Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

Written by by Jacinda Santora

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