WhoopUncovered with Wode Maya; Africa’s most Influential YouTuber

January, 17, 2022

WhoopUncovered with Wode Maya; Africa’s most Influential YouTuber

To travel is to see, to return is to talk about it – African Quote

It takes a lot of courage, especially in a region like Africa to throw away many years of training and studies in a recognized field like aeronautical engineering to take up a job like vlogging which hasn’t yet been fully embraced by most African parents and hence not considered as an occupation one can pursue.

But this young Ghanaian YouTuber, Berthold Kwabena Ackon (popularly known as Wode Maya) decided to beat the odds and fully take up the challenge of telling the African story through vlogging.

We had an interesting conversation with him on our #WhoopUncovered session which hosts influential personalities across various industries to share their journey and experience with our online audience.

Wode Maya; Africa's most Influential YouTuber

Wode Maya

Wode Maya has been travelling around the African continent projecting its beautiful scenery and unique cultures to the rest of the world. He does that with a wide collection of engaging videos that are changing the narrative about the continent.

Being the first Ghanaian YouTuber to hit 1M subscribers, Maya shared some interesting revelations on some of the countries he has traveled so far with the audience on the session. Here is what he had to say about the following countries;

South Africa

The most developed country in Africa so far

A country full of diversity with the most Beautiful women on the continent.


The cleanest and the most organized country in Africa.


A country with the realest people on the continent.


Home of nyama choma (roasted meat) and matatus (minibuses)


The most peaceful country and the gateway to Africa.


Inexpensive standard of living


Has the best beaches in Africa.


Has a piece of every other country’s culture.


Highest form of hospitality: Remains my best shooting experience so far


The Land of origin. That’s where I started my ‘Africa to the world’ project.

Maya also revealed the greatest misconception he has heard about Africa is that we don’t have water to drink.

Indeed he who has traveled wide, definitely has a lot to share.

In a nut shell, Maya stated that having 1M followers feels like having 100 subscribers and that’s what makes him work even harder. He further revealed that his focus is not on the numbers but the core and impact of his Africa to the world project.


The #whoopuncovered session was hosted on twitter space by Linzy Joy Nkrumah-Gentle

Written By: P.K Quaye, account manager for whoopro.

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